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I WHAT WE DO: We specialize in building custom consumer and business databases for email marketing, direct mail, SMS marketing, digital onboarding campaigns, and other targeted advertising campaign coupled with analytical services to help clients optimize their database selections and marketing efforts.

I WE CAN FIND YOUR LEADS: If your custom database is not within our database product lines, then we can very likely find your custom database after 10+ years no doubt we know where to look and how to acquire! Better yet, we can often enhance basic files with pertinent data to increase value and applicability.

I HOW WE DO IT: Data + Technical Expertise + People! During the past 10+ years I The Leads Page has developed an extensive network of data sources, data contributors, and data alliances. And combined with vast data is an experienced team of IT experts, data scientists, data network relationship builders a team that consistently produces premium high-quality databases.

I CORNERSTONE TO OUR SUCCESSIncessant search for quality is the company motto! One core rule is to double-verify every data point every email address, postal address, contact name, etc. Glad to state over 50% our records are verified by a minimum of 3+ sources.

I HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT?  On websites of most data providers, you will see words like quality, trust, dedication, integrity, transparency, and other dazzling words adducing quality. One phrase that you will rarely see is “money-refund” guarantee and this is one significant difference between I The Leads Page and other data providers.  Scan a few websites and you will learn that I The Leads Page is one of the very few websites with a clearly written detailed money-refund guarantee. Our obsession with data quality is why we confidently offer a detailed money-refund guarantee.